As part of the Kickstarter campaign I started ‘The Empowerment Conversation’, where I invited people on social media to share honest and authentic personal experiences of empowered breakthroughs. The series demonstrated that this feeling, no matter how big or small, can be found in every day life and is attainable for everyone. Below is a playlist of 8 empowerment stories.

Using Kickstarter, I crowd-funded to record the upcoming E.P ‘Warriors’, and thanks to all you beautiful backers, it worked!! It is due to be released March 2019. There is a description of the songs and more on the project in our Kickstarter video below!

I started a vlog testing theories that claim to make our lives 'better'. The first challenge involves myself and actor Fergus O' Donnell trying out the Wim Hof (Ice Man) method. It was VERY COLD.

I was invited to speak at BelongCon, so I chose to talk the power of taking control, and the freedom that comes from finding a sense of belonging within our own bodies and lives.

At Inspiring Talks Brighton I spoke about 'Living Without Limits' - distinguishing two limitations and how to break them down in order to live a free and limitless life. 

An exercise for you to do at home (if you wish!) to clear self-limiting beliefs, described in the talk above.

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                              For pricing and booking for vocal coaching, click the button below!

I had the best fun ever organising my first E.P. launch! It was an immersive performance based on the concept of growth, including a sustainable fashion show and to raise awareness of climate change. With the help of the local artistic community the funds for the event were raised through Kickstarter. Here is a video documenting the process of setting up, and the performance of the event. Big thank you again to everyone who helped out on this! We raised a lot of awareness in a very unique way to the audience that came, and had a lot of fun in the process!