Kick Starter Gone LIVE!


Since my last post I have been insanely busy, preparing this for your beautiful eyes and ears. For my E.P launch I decided to go all out and save the world ! Well.. trying anyway. An immersive E.P installation and launch, based on the concept of 'growth', incorporating a sustainable fashion show, to raise awareness for climate change.


I had this idea, and have managed to get to best team of people I could have ever imagined on board, and they are all working for free ! It is a non-profit project and we are raising money for the show on the 23rd of April this year. 

Here is a link to our Kickstarter that has just been released, there are some seriously amazing prizes up for grabs, each member of the team has given something, so a big variety! It is live for only 30 days and we need to raise £2,500. I really want to build this community that has been started, its so beautiful to see how happy living and working sustainably makes people. Everyone needs to know about it ! So I welcome you to come and join our sustainbale family <3

More details at the link below, so please take a look and donate as much as you can to help towards saving our planet :D